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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wertheim Wildlife Refuge

Yesterday I took my daughter and her friend to one of our favorite local spots... Wertheim Wildlife Refuge. Several months ago they built a brand new building, with tons of interactive displays for kids as well as adults.  They also have a beautiful huge covered patio where you can sit and watch the birds.  Since I have yet to see a hummingbird in my own backyard, I often come here to see them. There has yet to be a time, where I have gone to Wertheim and NOT seen a hummingbird.
Here are some pictures that I took of our nature walk...Enjoy!
I feel so fortunate to have something so wonderful, so close by. It is an awesome place to go, and best of all it costs absolutely nothing!
Best bargain in town!

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  1. So pretty Laurie. What a nice place to visit, so peaceful. Maybe next year I will get a hummingbird feeder. I see them around here once in awhile so I bet I could get them to come.
    Nancy Jo