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I live in the suburbs of Long Island, NY with my loving husband, and two great kids. I long for a simpler life, at a slower pace! Follow me, as I try my hand at growing my own food, tending to my hens and our rabbit, gardening and experimenting with all things farmgirlish!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Doings 10/21/2012

Today was another gorgeous Fall day here on Long Island. Its days like today that make me love it here so much! I just had to get out for a little while and enjoy the local beauty...so my daughter and I hoped in the van and headed to one of our (many) favorite spots- Wetheim Wildlife Refuge. We went prepared with our camp chairs and a few snacks to enjoy by the water, and enjoy it we did!
I truly think I could have sat there all day sipping my tea, but alas reality was calling and we had to head home to start dinner etc.

Last weekend we were also able to enjoy another favorite spot- Bayard Cutting Arboretum. We decided to head over and have lunch in the cafe, along with my Aunt and Cousin. The cafe there makes a mean chicken curry salad! To our delight when we arrived we discovered that the annual Dahlia Show was taking place, so after lunch we trekked over to the carriage house to enjoy the beautiful flowers.
There are so many varieties of Dahlias, each one more beautiful than the next!

All in all it was a beautiful, and quite relaxing weekend here. I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy my glamped up tent a bit- I fear that there will not be too many more weeks that I can enjoy it due to the change of seasons- and the arrival of cold nights and frost. I took this picture last night, showing the outside and then the cozy inside of my glamping tent. I will be very sad when I have to take it down. So, I am holding on to it for as long as possible!
I hope that you are all able to find at least a little slice of time to just unwind and enjoy a quiet moment.
Have a wonderful week!