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I live in the suburbs of Long Island, NY with my loving husband, and two great kids. I long for a simpler life, at a slower pace! Follow me, as I try my hand at growing my own food, tending to my hens and our rabbit, gardening and experimenting with all things farmgirlish!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

More garden preserving

Today I froze a few more quarts of green and yellow bell peppers from the garden , so that we can enjoy them come winter.
I also was excited to preserve something new to us....Coriander!
I had grown Cilantro, and had let it flower and then go to seed. After doing a little research I learned that the seed of Cilantro is actually Coriander! SO, I let it dry on the plant. Today I went out and cut it back and placed it in a large brown paper bag. I shook the bag, and voila...just look what I have now-
My very own jar of Coriander seeds! Now I need to research some new recipes to use it in my cooking.
I could easily devote myself to life on the farm/garden scene. It truly brings me joy...ahh the simple life.

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